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Journey to the Sands

A Glamping Adventure - this ones for the Dune fans!

In a world where the line between fantasy and reality blurs, there lies a realm of endless possibilities. I had the privilege of embarking on a glamping shoot that transported me to the mystical landscapes of Cronulla's sand dunes. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of the Moroccan desert and paying homage to the upcoming Dune Messiah movie, this shoot was nothing short of a magical odyssey.

Nestled amidst the undulating dunes of Cronulla, my team embarked on a quest to recreate the allure of a Moroccan desert oasis. From the moment we arrived, it felt as though we had been whisked away to a far-off land, where time seemed to stand still, and the whispers of ancient legends danced in the air.

The setting sun painted the sky with hues of amber and gold, casting a mesmerizing glow over the vast expanse of sand. As the golden hour approached, we meticulously set up our glamping site, transforming it into a sanctuary fit for nomadic royalty. Billowing canopies, plush cushions adorned with intricate patterns, and flickering lanterns evoked a sense of opulence amidst the rugged beauty of the dunes.

The focal point of our shoot was undoubtedly the magnificent tent, its billowing fabric reminiscent of the sails of a desert ship navigating the sands. Adorned with rich fabrics, ornate tapestries, and plush furnishings, it served as a luxurious retreat amidst the vastness of the desert landscape.

As the shoot drew to a close, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to bring my vision to life. In the end, my glamping shoot in the sand dunes of Cronulla was more than just a visual feast—it was a testament to the transformative power of art and storytelling. Inspired by the timeless allure of the Moroccan desert and maybe just a little of the new Dune Messiah movie!

Embrace the opulent ambiance of a Moroccan desert oasis by incorporating some key elements into your setup. Creat a cozy sanctuary amidst the wilderness by adding patterned cushions and throws along with faux animal hides in rich, earthy tones to evoke a sense of comfort and elegance. Illuminate your space with flickering lanterns and candles, casting a warm and inviting glow over the surroundings. To complete the look, opt for canvas and tan leather pieces and rustic accents inspired by Moroccan design. With these top picks and a curated mood board to guide you, you'll be well on your way to creating a glamping experience that's nothing short of magical.

Styling: Tahnee Carroll

Photography: Max Doyle

Publication: Real Living Magazine

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